2015 British Open Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Martial Arts Silver Medallist, and 2016 & 2017 British Army BJJ Champion William Stone coached tonight at a BJJ/Judo fusion session. In the first half of tonight's class Will took CJC regulars and guests from other local Jiu-Jitsu schools through various BJJ techniques (Scissor-Sweep, Juji-Gatame from guard) and sparring on the ground. The remainder of the session was spent looking at Judo throws that might suit the typical BJJ competitive standing stance (Ko-Uchi-Gari / Yoko-Tomoe-Nage).

The two arts, though derived from the same source, tend to take very different paths to secure victory: most BJJ players going to ground quickly and then working patiently in Ne-Waza; most Judoka looking to score and finish with a throwing technique.

It was a great session focussing on what is common ground to both arts in both Ne-Waza and Tachi-Waza.

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