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Karate Course

Know how to behave when inside the Dojo...

Dojo Etiquette

'Mutual Welfare and Benefit'

This is one of the key principles of Judo.

It means always showing respect for each other, and practicing safely in the Dojo.

-Players must have a valid, in date Judo Licence, to regularly participate in Judo at CJC

-​Respect your CJC clubmates and coaches.

-Rei (Bow) when entering and leaving the Dojo.

-Always ask permission from a coach before leaving the mat

-Ladies/Girls must wear a t-shirt under their judo suit jacket.

*Safety and Hygiene*

-Visit the toilet BEFORE the class begins, and WASH your hands!

-Footwear must be worn off the mat.

-Hands and feet should be cleaned before the class.​

-Players need to have short finger and toe nails.

-Judo Suits (Gi's) must be clean at the beginning of a class.

-Jewellery/watches to be removed before a class.

-Long hair must be tied back.​

-No hard or sharp objects to be worn (hair clips, metal pads in hair bands).

-No food or drinks allowed on the mat area (including chewing gum).

Dojo Etiquette: Testimonial
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