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Club Calendar

CJC - Calendar of Classes - 2020

This .pdf shows all the classes scheduled for 2020.

Health Assessment Form - 2019

This form collects personal data, asks Health Assessment questions, and gains permission for emergency treatments/image usage etc.
Required of New Members within 4 weeks of arrival, and for current members an annual refresh is expected.

Health Assessment Form
Safeguarding/Child Protection

Child Protection Policy - 2020

None of us can be complacent about the possibility of physical or sexual abuse of children or vulnerable individuals in Sport. CJC has a published Child Protection policy, and Child Protection officer, and urges all members, coaches and parents to be vigilant at all times.
Our Child Protection/Welfare Officer is Coach Stew McIntyre  - Contact: 07930 383461

Risk Assessment Form

Dojo Risk Assessment - 2020

View to see how we've assessed the risks of the space where we do Judo.
If you do not agree with this assessment please email us.

Tying the Obi

How to tie your Judo Belt (Obi)

The official BJA video and other methods for tying the Obi

Black and Red Contrast Hoodie

Cirencester Judo Club Merchndise

Club Hoodies and other merch as it becomes available.