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Safeguarding/Child Protection

Club Welfare/Safeguarding Policy Statement - 2023

None of us can be complacent about the possibility of physical or sexual abuse of children or vulnerable individuals in Sport. CJC has a published Welfare and Safeguarding policy, and a qualified and trained Child Protection/Club Welfare officer, and urges all members, coaches and parents to be vigilant at all times.
Our Child Protection/Welfare Officer is Coach Stew McIntyre  - Contact: 07930 383461

Risk Assessment Form

Dojo Risk Assessment - 2023

View to see how we've assessed the risks of the space where we do Judo.
If you do not agree with this assessment please email us :

Tying the Obi

How to tie your Judo Belt (Obi)

The official BJA video and other methods for tying the Obi

Black and Red Contrast Hoodie

Cirencester Judo Club Merchndise

Club Hoodies and other merch as it becomes available.

Members Resources: Testimonial

The CJC 12 Session Introductory Programme
Starting your Judo Journey

For Cadets and Seniors (all over 12yrs) knowing where to start (or to re-start) will be daunting..

At CJC we have a 12 Session Introductory Programme to get raw recruits from White to Red (6th Kyu) OR from Red to Yellow belt (5th Kyu).

The 12 Session Introductory Programme is also suitable for those who didn't get very far on a previous attempt at this journey and are returning to give it another go, and want to proceed into the main class with some confidence.

The 12 Session Introductory Programme focusses on Safe Judo; learning to fall, grips and stances, basic skills in Randori (Free sparring) on the ground and in standing. We will cover all of the BJA Syllabus for Red and Yellow Belt (6th and 5th Kyu), demystify the terminology and Japanese words, and the basic rules of the game.

If you are ungraded (White belt) now, these 12 sessions should secure you your first promotion.

If you are a Red belt now, the same 12 sessions should see you through your Yellow belt promotion.

Please click here for details of each class in the 12 Session Introductory Programme...

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